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IndustryMD had a great idea. Build a portal similar to WebMD, but for businesses seeking diagnosis of their company challenges. When the startup ran in complications with its strategy for an internal technical team, they turned to Ascendle.


IndustryMD is a web portal that businesses can use to search for innovative solutions to unique challenges or strategies for meeting aspirations. The portal needed to ultimately provide proven solutions that other organizations have used to solve the problem or overcome the challenge.


As a startup, IndustryMD chose to contract out the web development project, instead of raising massive sums to build an in-house team. Creating an internal team would have taken time and money away from the web portal solution, the critical component for getting the startup off the ground. Instead of spending time raising venture capital money, IndustryMD searched for an experienced software development company that could quickly understand the idea and get the product up and running. The startup also didn’t have the time to learn the technical language and nuances to properly communicate with an internal technical team.


We produced a web portal for IndustryMD that featured a flexible platform and intuitive interface to drive the user experience and deliver accurate search results. By demonstrating working features at two week intervals, IndustryMD was always in control, able to offer real-time feedback so we could course-correct as the project was being built. As a result, we gave the startup a Version 1.0 product that does what it needs to do, without the non-technical client enduring any of the hassles of dealing with a technical team.


  • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC
  • AngularJS
  • Microsoft Azure
    • Azure Storage
    • Azure SQL Database
    • Azure Search
  • SendGrid



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