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Kestrel Aircraft

The custom iPad electronic sales portfolio we designed and built not only eliminates hunting for paper brochures, it provides a high-tech image that’s a perfect match for this amazing new aircraft.




Kestrel Aircraft is a new airplane company developing a six- to eight-place single-engine turboprop aircraft. Over 100 employees are working every day to bring the aircraft to market, a challenging task that takes about 3 years to complete culminating with certification from the FAA.


Kestrel needed a way to educate prospective buyers about the new airplane at trade shows and airshows that went beyond paper brochures. They wanted a way to leverage today’s technology to consolidate a variety of media – photos, videos, and PowerPoint presentations – with an easy-to-use interface.


The iPad-based electronic portfolio developed by Ascendle reinforces Kestrel’s innovation with aircraft design and provides all sales collateral immediately to any Kestrel team member, including images, videos, and specifications. There’s no more sorting through paper brochures to find the performance specs and the interactivity with the content is beyond comparison. The iPad is now an integral part of how Kestrel runs trade shows.

With the old paper-based lead capture system, it took weeks for all of the leads to get entered into the sales database and few follow-ups were made. We designed and implemented a custom Salesforce.com deployment and today, leads are seamlessly populated in Salesforce.com and the sales team is notified instantly via e-mail of each new lead that is captured. This lets the team monitor activity in real-time as they walk the show floor as well as follow up with highly qualified leads within minutes.


  • Salesforce.com
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • iPresent



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