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Your Team Has Their Hands Full

You have a team of developers. And lots of new ideas. The problem is they have their hands full with current work or don’t have the right skill set.

Your innovative business initiatives keep slipping, and your company is missing out.

Hiring an offshore development shop might work, but you don’t have the people available to manage them. You may wonder if you’ll get what you want.


Team Building is Risky

You could hire a new development team, but that will take weeks or months, plus the time they need to learn how to work together. Assuming you’re lucky enough to find all the right people.

By that time the window of opportunity for your new business idea may have closed.

And if you have short-term development needs, you’ll need to find something for them to do when the urgency goes away.

Ascendle Accelerated Delivery Team℠

An Ascendle Accelerated Delivery Team produces the business innovation you didn’t think you could have. We work directly with you to understand your business goals and translate them into fully-tested, working software delivered every two weeks.

And, because we use proven agile techniques, you retain full control over priorities, and you always know exactly when it’s going to be done.

When you leverage an Ascendle Accelerated Delivery Team you’ll get:

  • Face-to-face communication with you and your team on a consistent basis.
  • A complete development team including project lead, project manager, senior software architect, software developers, and quality assurance.
  • Access to source code, which you own.
  • Fully-tested code with complete coverage by automated unit tests and continuous integration.
  • Reliable delivery on a predictable schedule.
  • Utilization of the latest Microsoft cloud technology including .NET, AngularJS and Azure, plus Xamarin for native mobile apps.

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