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Why Agile?

Drive Business Priorities

The only constant is change. Creating a six-month development plan and expecting the world to stand still while your team executes isn't realistic. Agile allows you to adjust priorities and respond to changing business conditions, without sacrificing quality or team productivity.

Know When It Will be Done

When you are eight months into what was supposed to be a six-month project with no end in sight, that's a real threat to your business. Agile forecasting techniques tell you when it will be done to within +/- 10%.

Ship When You Want

At the heart of agile is a certainty that you're maintaining the product at a shippable level of quality, and you get to see progress every two weeks. When you or your customers review the latest version and decide it's ready to go into production, you don't have to wait until it's "tested and hardened" for some unknown amount of time.


Agile is Simple, But Not Easy

Agile is extremely simple, but looks can be deceiving. Reading a book or attending two days of training may seem like it's enough to be successful, but it's not. If your company is new to agile or you have a broken agile process, your people need training, hands-on coaching, and mentoring to get real results.

Ascendle Agile Performance Program℠

Your team members need expert help, not only for proper training but also for the step-by-step guidance required to get fully up and running with the agile process. Agile fails when your people learn the fundamentals but don’t have the support they need to put that knowledge into practice.

Our unique six-step Ascendle Agile Performance Program ensures your team members learn the fundamentals of Scrum—the #1 agile process—and understand how to apply them to deliver the business results you need. 

Here’s how it works:

Assessment. Every company is unique. Our Ascendle Certified Agile Coaches™ will study your situation and craft a customized training and coaching program.

Training. Success begins with an understanding of the fundamentals. Our experts will train your team members, so they understand not only the ten guideposts of Scrum but how they can produce astonishing results. They’ll also work with management to show how Scrum empowers them to drive priorities and attain total transparency with a reliable schedule.

Coaching. Andrew Carnegie once said “Knowledge is simply potential power. It becomes power only when it is expressed in terms of definite action.” During the coaching step, our experts work side by side with your team members to put their knowledge to work and start them down the path toward their highest productivity.

Mentoring. As team members become proficient, our experts move from an active coaching role to a more passive mentoring role, guiding them towards becoming self-sufficient.

Supporting. Once team members are off and running with an optimized Scrum process, our experts move into a supporting role, answering questions as unique situations come up.

Sustaining. To ensure continuous success, team members must maintain the discipline of Scrum. The sustaining phase prevents team members from slipping back into old habits and losing their performance gains through recurrent training and fine-tuning.

Start Your Agile Transformation

Reach out to discuss your needs, whether you're just getting started with agile or looking to improve results with your current agile process.