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A Recap of the Ascendle & Microsoft Microservices Architecture Seminar

Deriving Business Value from a Microservices Architecture

Agile Leadership: The Best Course To Plot For A Changing Marketplace

The Product Backlog: Your Compass for Shifting Business Priorities

The Agile Way: Trust Your Talent

You Can’t Do Scrum with Distributed Teams (or Can You?)

Is Scrum Just for Software Development?

Allison Grappone is a Panelist at Breaking Barriers Event in Manchester, NH

What the Heck is the Definition of Done?

Utilizing Resources Outside the Scrum Team

What if You Can’t Create a “Super Scrum Team?”

Dave Todaro Joins Agile Tech Leader Discussion at Tech Con 2018

Creating Your Super Scrum Development Team

Scrum Artifacts: Your Tools for Successful Scrum

Diana Getman Speaks about Writing User Stories at Agile Hartford

Allison Grappone Speaks at the Project Summit Business Analyst World Conference

Ensuring Quality With Acceptance Tests

Diana Getman Speaks on Agile Project Estimating with Planning Poker at PMI Silver Spring

Scrum vs. Agile – The Same or Not the Same?

Daily Scrum Practices to Rock Your Next Sprint

Dave Todaro Speaking in Washington DC at the Project Summit Business Analyst World Conference

Scrum Ceremonies: The Blueprint to a Highly Effective Sprint

Dave Todaro Returns to Product Camp Boston Conference in 2018

Angelo Firenze will be in Maryland Speaking at The Versatile Project Manager Symposium 2018

What is Scrum?

Angelo Firenze Speaking about the Agile PMO at PMI Long Island

Allison Grappone is Presenting in Boston at the PM in Practice Conference

Scrum Product Owner Roles and Responsibilities

ScrumMaster Roles and Responsibilities

Epic vs. User Story: What’s the Difference?

Dave Todaro Speaking in Michigan at 2018 Agile and Beyond Conference

What is a User Story?

Agile Development Presentations in April - Three is the Magic Number!

Ascendle has a NEW website!

Diana Getman Speaking about the Agile PMO at Ocean State PMI, Fall River, MA

Dave Todaro Speaking in Connecticut at SNEC 2018 Project Management Conference

User Story Acceptance Criteria

9 Lessons Learned from Experts Practicing Agile

Diana Getman Speaking about Splitting Epics and User Stories: Using Micro-Milestones to Boost Momentum at PMI New Hampshire

Diana Getman is Ascendle's New Chief of Staff

Allison Grappone is Presenting at PMI Hampton Roads 2018 Professional Development Conference 

Diana Getman is a Speaker for the Agile Testing Days Conference - Special Registration Deal for our Friends

How Do I Increase the Velocity of My Scrum Team?

What to Do When Agile is Failing ("We're Doing it Wrong")

Planning For Your Agile Transformation

Getting Your Organization to Embrace Agile

Dave Todaro Speaking about the Agile PMO at PMI New Hampshire

Dave Todaro Speaking about Writing User Stories: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Here's A Better Way to Get New Features into Your Older Products

What to Do When Your Outsourced App Developer Screws Up

How a Mobile Development Assessment Can Put You Right Back on Track

Dave Todaro Speaking about "Rightsizing User Stories" at Agile Dev East Conference

Dave Todaro Speaking at PMI Southern Maryland's 2017 Professional Development Day

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro Speaking at PMI Ottawa Valley, Canada

[Live Talks] Angelo Firenze Speaking at PMI Durham Highlands, Canada

Why MVP Still Works When Building a New Version of an Older App

The Sprint’s Almost Over and the Scrum Team is Sitting on Their Hands (You Think)

How to Leverage External Resources and Boost Your Scrum Team’s Effectiveness

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro Speaking at PMI NYC

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro Speaking at PMI Hudson Valley

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro Speaking at PMI Upstate New York

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro Speaking at PMI Baltimore

Your Scrum Team is Out of Control – And That’s Just How You Want It

Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Therapist: Being a Manager for a Scrum Team

Critical Roles for Building Great Apps: Technical Specialists vs. Generalists

Critical Roles for Building Great Apps: Leadership

Increasing Your Firm’s Value with Software: Expand Your Value Proposition with an App

Create a New Software Product or Extend an Existing One? How to Choose

What Are the Key Benefits of Native Mobile Apps?

What Happens After Your Minimum Viable Product is Completed?

Less is More - The Minimum Viable Product

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro Speaking at PMO Round Table

5 Simple Steps for Building Software

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro Speaking at PMI Toronto

How Long Will It Take to Build My Software?

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro Speaking at Product Camp Boston Conference

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro Speaking at Better Software West Conference

How Much Will It Cost?

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro Speaking at PMI Symposium 2017 in Mississauga, Ontario

Limiting Software Risk in Your Projects

[Live Talks] Angelo Firenze in Waltham, MA at Agile New England, May 4

What’s Involved in Building Software

Delight Customers with Technical Support? Your Mobile App Can Do It!

App Ideas for Healthcare, Retail, and Restaurants

How Viable is Your App Idea?

App Ideas for Hardware and Software Companies

Native Mobile Apps

What are Mobile Web Apps and Why Even Build One?

What is the Internet of Things?

What are Desktop Web Apps?

Mobile Apps and Intellectual Property – An Insider’s Guide to Protection

What's the Cloud and Why Does It Matter

Your App Generates Buzz - Exploit It

What to Expect When You Release Version 1.0

How to Increase Revenues with Your App

Why You Need to Care About Software Apps

How to Get New Customers with Your App

How an App Can Increase the Value of Your Current Products

When Should You Patent Your Mobile App?

The 4 Types of Intellectual Property Rights and the ONE Best Choice For Your Mobile App

Writing Epic User Stories Even Homer Would Envy

3 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Writing User Stories

13 Myths About User Stories

Keeping Your Secrets Secret - Musings from Tech Leader

Why Using Scrum Leads to High Performance Teams

Git Flow Solves Those Source Code Management Problems

Damn It! That’s Not the App I Wanted!

How Intellectual Property Rights Can Hinder Rather Than Help Your Business

I Have An App Idea…Now What?

Splitting Epics and User Stories

Why Intellectual Property Rights for Your Mobile App are the LAST Things You Should Be Thinking About

Why Customers Love User Stories

Driving Business Results with Scrum

What’s in a Name? Trademarking Your Mobile App

WAIT! 14 Things to Consider Before Building a Mobile App

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro in Bedford, MA at the Software Quality Group of New England, Dec. 14

Top 10 Things Missed When Estimating Mobile App Development

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro at New Hampshire Project Management Institute, Dec. 7

Trends in User Adoption Rates for Mobile Apps

How to Tell If Your Mobile App is Ready for the Market

My Mobile App Developer Went Out of Business ... Now What? Musings from a Tech Leader

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro speaks at Ocean State Project Management Institute, Nov. 10

How Custom Mobile Apps Can Attract New Customers

A Concise Guide to Updating Your Mobile App

Unlock the 3 Secrets for Delivering a Commercial Mobile App in 4 Months

My New Mobile App Idea Is Amazing - I Must File A Patent

5 Ways A Custom Mobile App Can Extend Your Product's Shelf Life

Top 7 Trends in Mobile Apps for 2017 and Beyond

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro to Speak at Boston SPIN on October 18

How to Evaluate Your App Ideas

12 Mobile Apps that Breathed New Life into Unlikely Products

[Live Talks] Dave Todaro at New Hampshire Project Management Institute, Oct. 19

How to Make Your App Vision A Reality

How to Turn Your App Development Team's Morale Around - Musings from a Technology Leader

How A Custom App Can Make Your Product Better

8 Tips for Leading a Mobile Development Team to Success

How to Foster Buy-In From Your CTO to Contract Out Your Mobile Development

Don’t Pick the One-Trick Pony – Cross-Platform is the Horse to Ride

The New “Outsourcing” of App Development

“I Suspect My CTO’s the Problem …Now What?” – Musings from a Technology Leader

7 Tips for Fixing a Broken Mobile Application Development Process

7 Interview Questions to Hire a Great Mobile App Developer

9 Tips for Managing Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

14 Skills Your App Development Team Must Have

9 Top Qualities of a Mobile App Development Team

4 Things Great Software Companies do to Fuel Their Growth

Agile Estimating and Planning With User Stories [VIDEO]

We Need Software Engineers Not Programmers

Agile Software Estimation With Scrum Planning Poker

Writing User Stories: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App?

A Beginner's Guide to Custom Software Development

7 Simple Secrets to Building High Performance Teams With Scrum

11 Questions You Should Always Ask App Development Companies

A Step-by-Step Guide to Software Estimating [Free Software Development Estimate Template]

Why We Love Agile Estimation (And You Should, Too!)

What Your Boss Should Know About Xamarin

6 Secrets for Creating an Agile Development Team in 2 Weeks or Less

Ascendle’s Results-Oriented Strategy Drives CPMG’s Innovative Spirit

Why Your Company Needs to Adopt a Software Mindset

Out-of-the-Box Thinking Helps Companies Connect Software to Revenue

How Software Companies Are Adapting to Industry Drivers

How Traditional Companies Become Software Companies

Forget the Past: Innovate With a Proven Software Development Team

Software Development the "Ascendle" Way: Truly Innovative

Software Development and Completion: It's Possible

Mission-Critical Mobile Software: On Time, On Budget

The Secret Ingredient to Outsourcing Success

Managing Software Development

Software Development: Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

3 Reasons to Outsource Your App

If You Lack Internal Expertise to Build an App -- Outsource

How to Get From Software Idea to Product

Why Every Company Needs Software

Outsourcing Software Development 101