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[Live Talks] Dave Todaro Speaking at Better Software West Conference

Posted by Ascendle Team


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Don’t Pick the One-Trick Pony – Cross-Platform is the Horse to Ride

Posted by Angelo Firenze

Some mobile app developers will do their best to steer you to one platform or another. They’ll saddle up iOS or Android for you. They’ll tell you their choice is the best, easiest horse in the stable. Why it’s the smoothest ride. Why you can’t go wrong.

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4 Things Great Software Companies do to Fuel Their Growth

Posted by Angelo Firenze

There is an old cliche in business: You're either growing or you are dying, there ain’t no in between. Given the mind-bending pace of innovation in the technology sector it can be said that this old adage is at least as true if not truer for software companies as it is for any business out there.

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What Your Boss Should Know About Xamarin

Posted by Dave Todaro

Several years ago we needed to select a technology for our first native mobile app project. We spent a month or two researching the various tools and technologies available at the time, and we settled on PhoneGap.

PhoneGap sounded pretty sexy: use HTML, JavaScript and CSS to create an app and "wrap" it in a native app container so it will run on both Android and iOS.

We could write the code once, and use special hooks into the native operating system on each platform to tap into hardware such as GPS, the camera and on-board storage.

There was only one problem. The app didn't look like a native app, it was slow, it was difficult to test, and it didn't leverage our deep Microsoft .NET expertise.

PhoneGap wasn't the panacea it first appeared to be.

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