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Driving Business Results with Scrum

Get more out of your software development team by using lean management concepts!


Most software development teams work hard, but often produce results that aren't aligned with the needs of the business. Implementing Scrum offers a better way for business leaders to decide what’s important and convey this information to their development team.

In this free 45-minute webinar, Dave Todaro will explain how Scrum works and how you can use it to get better results from your software development team.

You’ll learn:

  • The basic concepts of Scrum and how they enable high-throughput teamwork
  • Why the development team should not be in charge of the feature list
  • How Scrum teams deliver quickly and predictably, and respond to changing business conditions
  • How to troubleshoot Scrum if it’s not delivering the results you want
  • Steps you can take to implement Scrum at your company

Implement Scrum and start delivering on what your business needs: new features your customers and the sales team want, on a predictable schedule, with the ability to quickly respond to changing business conditions.

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About the Presenter

Dave Todaro

Dave has spent the last 30+ years designing and building mission-critical software applications in a variety of leadership roles.

He is Founder, President and COO of Ascendle, a contract software development firm in Southern New Hampshire that specializes in custom cloud and mobile solutions for small to midsize businesses.

Dave started programming at age 11 and shipped his first commercial software product at age 15. He is the former chairman of the Software Association of New Hampshire.

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