Why Microservices and Why Should I Care?

If you’re a technology business leader and your company builds any kind of software, you’ve likely heard some buzz around microservices from your team. They might say, “We need to break the monolith,” or “Microservices will let us really leverage the cloud,” or even, “We need to re-write our products using microservices.” You might be… Read More

User Story Acceptance Criteria

Find me on: LinkedIn User stories are a critical element of the agile software development process. But they’re so different from traditional software requirement documents that many Scrum teams struggle to get them right. Creating your list of user stories – called the product backlog – consists of the following steps: Identify user roles Brainstorm features… Read More

Agile Epic vs. User Story: What’s the Difference?

Find me on: LinkedIn User stories are a fundamental component of any agile development. They are lightweight requirements that represent new functionality that delivers value to business stakeholders; including end users. They’re the building blocks that get prioritized on the product backlog and brought into sprints, and they focus the development team on providing business value…. Read More