Why Using Scrum Leads to High Performance Teams

As software development projects grew ever more complicated – and cross-functional – through the 1980s, it was already becoming clear: the old ways of doing things was not going to work much longer. In a 1986 Harvard Business Review article entitled “The New Product Development Game,” Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka wrote: “The… ‘relay race’… Read More

Critical Roles for Building Great Apps: Leadership

Find me on: LinkedIn Good leadership has always been a key component when building great software. In the past, Project Managers often held those keys to success. But today’s Agile development methodologies are much different. In Scrum, for example, you won’t hear the term “project manager” at all. That’s because Scrum follows more of a “servant leadership”… Read More

Less is More – The Minimum Viable Product

Find me on: LinkedIn Twitter What’s your vision of commercial software? Is it a minimum viable product? Probably not. Let’s be honest…you’re probably thinking of some big, magical package full of sparkles and rainbows that does everything your customers could possibly want. One that emits loud CHA-CHING! sounds periodically and sets your stock soaring with Wall Street adulation. Yes, that’s a… Read More