Software Development Innovation for Large Enterprises

In growth-oriented businesses of every size, innovation has become a familiar mantra. To
stay relevant in today’s fast-paced markets, companies need a steady flow of new ideas
that advance the way they deliver their products and services. And they need to be able to
innovate fast.

But in the large enterprise, institutional inertia and other forces can conspire against an
organization’s mandate to innovate. Like an oil tanker, this ship can be slow to arrive—
despite all that potential energy in its hold.

In this Executive Guide, we explore the challenges that can stifle software innovation in the
enterprise. Then we describe a software development methodology (agile) and framework
(Scrum) that large companies like yours can use to break out of the innovation doldrums
and improve your competitive prospects. We conclude with a look at the options enterprise
companies have to bring these transformational processes to their businesses.

Let’s dive in!

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