Allison Grappone is Presenting at PMI Hampton Roads 2018 Professional Development Conference

On March 1, 2018, Agile expert Allison Grappone will be speaking on the topic, “Driving Business Results with Scrum” at the 2018 PMI Hampton Roads Professional Development Conference, being held at the Founders Inn and Spa, in Virginia Beach, VA.

By attending this event you’ll learn:

  • The basic concepts of Scrumand how they enable high-throughput teamwork
  • Why the development team should notbe in charge of the feature list
  • How Scrum teamsdeliver quickly and predictably, and respond to changing business conditions
  • How to troubleshoot Scrumif it’s not delivering the results you want
  • Steps you can take to implementScrum at your company

Implement Scrum and start delivering on what your business needs: new features your customers and the sales team want, on a predictable schedule, with the ability to quickly respond to changing business conditions.

For additional information visit:

PMI Hampton Roads


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