Allison Grappone Presents Making a Difference (using Agile) at Work, Home and Volunteering to PMI NH in Concord, NH

Making a Difference (using Agile) at Work, Home and Volunteering, featuring Allison Grappone of Ascendle.

The concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is not just applicable in tech. Allison will share how she has used agile concepts to kickstart a NH women investor initiative, launch and sell a startup, and manage a heavy load of work responsibilities. Hint: Start small, evaluate, and revise.

About Allison Grappone

Allison Grappone has 20 years of experience systematizing processes in non-profit, for-profit, and startup environments. As a Partner and the new VP of Marketing at Ascendle, she will refresh Ascendle’s marketing to communicate the company’s proven software development process.

Before joining Ascendle, Allison founded Nearby Registry in 2012, an e-commerce startup supporting local economies and expanded the business into communities across the country. She sold the business to a Seattle company in 2015.

Allison played a role in the formative years of the Entrepreneurship Foundation of New Hampshire and the Governor’s Live Free and Start Council, focusing her efforts on increasing the number of women investors and tech experts in New Hampshire.

The Red Blazer – 72 Manchester Street – Concord, NH 03301

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