Angelo Firenze will be in Maryland Speaking at The Versatile Project Manager Symposium 2018

On June 27, 2018, Scrum expert and Ascendle VP of Business Development, Angelo Firenze will lead a discussion on “The Agile PMO: How the Traditional Project Management Office fits into the Agile Landscape” at The Versatile Project Manager Symposium 2018. The event will be hosted by the PMI Silver Spring Chapter in Silver Spring, MD.

Since 1939, when the term “project management office” was coined, PMOs have led the project management effort at companies large and small, driving the process and standards used to deliver business results. With the drive toward the use of Agile in recent years, many PMO executives wonder, “How do we fit in?” Some may even wonder, “Will we be viewed as less important to the organization?” or “Will we somehow be marginalized?”

The answer is, “Absolutely not!” Given the high reliance on a lightweight but disciplined project management framework such as Scrum, it’s critically important that there is a group of individuals in the organization who support not only the initial adoption of Scrum, but the continued adherence to its guideposts. Many companies fail to get results from Scrum not because the initial rollout, but because teams stop doing the handful of critical things that are needed to realize its benefits.

The contemporary PMO fills this role perfectly and plays a critically important role in leading Agile transformations. By filling the ScrumMaster role on project teams, the PMO can ensure both the adoption and continued usage of Scrum principles across the organization. Since the ScrumMaster is the “owner of the process,” the PMO can ensure that the discipline required to realize the potential of Scrum is sustained, and the Scrum process is adapted to the unique needs of the organization.

By attending this talk you’ll:

  • Learn how the PMO is a critical part of the Agile Transformation.
  • Understand how the traditional PMO fits into the agile organization.
  • Understand a variety of ways the PMO can support agile teams throughout the organization.

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