Dave Todaro presents Agile Architecture and Technical Design “Walking Skeleton” at Agile & Beyond 2019 in Detroit

Agile Architecture and Technical Design

Back in the waterfall days, we knew exactly where architecture and technical design lived. It was right there on the waterfall diagram. We’d put our heads down for a couple of months and do the big design up front, figuring out all the details and making it perfect. Then coding began and…we ended up reworking most of the design.

Fast-forward to agile and architecture is gone! There is no “technical design phase” before coding begins.

But does that mean it’s not important any more? How can that be?

Software development expert Dave Todaro explains how architecture shifts from an up-front activity to part of “doing a little of everything all the time.”

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the difference between waterfall, “Scrummerfall,” and Scrum approaches to architecture and technical design
  • Understand how the “last responsible moment” allows making architectural decisions at the perfect time
  • Discover the five up-front decisions that still need to be made before coding begins
  • See how a “walking skeleton” is leveraged to establish architectural patterns at the start of a project
  • Know why inversion of power is a key concept to granting ownership to the Scrum development team


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Topics: Agile, Scrum, Software Development, Walking Skeleton


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