Dave Todaro Returns to Product Camp Boston Conference in 2018

On May 12, Scrum expert and Ascendle CEO, Dave Todaro will present “Splitting Epics and User Stories” at the Product Camp Boston Conference in Boston, MA.

Session Overview:

User stories and their big brothers, epics, are a great way to manage requirements for a software system. They act as stakes in the ground to keep track of what the system needs to do, the type of user most interested in each feature, and the reason it provides value to them.

As projects reach a significant size, many stories become too large for a team to finish within a single sprint, and must be split into smaller stories that can be completed within a sprint. Many Scrum teams struggle with this process, not knowing how to properly split epics and large stories in an effective manner to keep each split story shippable.

Software development expert Dave Todaro will step you through proven techniques to split epics and user stories, making them smaller and more manageable, while sticking with the Scrum rule that each user story must deliver value.

  • How splitting user stories increases the team’s momentum and throughput.
  • Why tackling 3 to 4 smaller stories in a sprint is less risky than taking on just one or two.
  • When to split stories, and where you should focus your time in the product backlog.
  • Techniques to make each story “shippable,” even if it’s not big enough to ship on its own.
  • A rule of thumb for how big each user story should be.

About ProductCamp

ProductCamp Boston is a one-day event with more than 500 product managers and product marketers. There will be several breakout sessions that dive into a variety of topics, including product development & design.

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