Dave Todaro Speaking in Connecticut at SNEC 2018 Project Management Conference

On April 23, 2018 at 11:00 AM, Scrum expert and Ascendle CEO, Dave Todaro will lead a discussion on “Agile Estimating and Planning” at the PMI Southern New England Chapter (SNEC) Conference – The Passion and Power of Project Management.  The event will be held at The Connecticut Convention Center, 100 Columbus Ave. Hartford , CT.

Software engineering management expert Dave Todaro walks you step-by-step through agile estimating techniques you can use to understand the size of your project and how long it will take. You and your team will quickly come up with accurate estimates and you’ll be able to forecast completion dates based on how fast the team is moving. You’ll learn how to deal with changes in scope and priority while always being able to tell management, “This is when we’ll be done.”

By attending this talk:

** Understand how user stories, story points, planning poker, and velocity work together to provide predictable schedule estimates.

** Learn techniques you can immediately apply to your projects to estimate how fast your team will go, both before they start and as they’re getting ramped up.

** Learn about the cone of uncertainty and how to apply its concepts to present a larger range of estimated completion timeframes early in the project, and narrow that range as the project continues.


For additional information visit:

PMI Southern New England Chapter

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