Diana Getman is a Speaker for the Agile Testing Days Conference – Special Registration Deal for our Friends

On June 26, 2018, Agile expert and Ascendle Chief of Staff, Diana Getman will be speaking on the topic, “They want it When? UX in an Agile Environment” at Agile Testing Days – North America’s Greatest Agile Testing Festival, in Boston, MA.

As friends and colleagues of Ascendle, we would like you to be our special guests. Please register at https://agiletestingdays.us/ and recieve a 20% discount using the unique code ATDR39.

Session Details:
In this session, Diana will cover how to balance the long-term visionary work required for solid UX and interaction design with an agile team’s need for designs RIGHT NOW.

Most software development teams struggle with how to integrate UX and interaction design into the Agile process. UX architects and designers often feel like they’re being told to “Be creative now!” and generate a solid design on the spot. That’s a difficult goal to achieve, and runs a high risk of a design that’s not well thought-out and won’t hold up as the application grows.

Key Learnings:

  • How to integrate the work of both UX/interaction design and the agile team
  • The do’s and don’ts of applying agile management techniques to the UX process
  • Adapting to an iterative and incremental environment
  • What changes are required in your approach
  • What’s most important to figure out before the developers get started, and what can wait

For additional information visit:

Agile Testing Days Boston MA


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