Allison Grappone

As an Ascendle Partner and Vice President of Marketing, Allison is a unique combination of roll-your-sleeves-up software development expertise and innovative business optimization experience. An agile software expert, Allison moves easily between tactical software problem-solving and strategic marketing program development, always with an eye on process improvement to help drive company growth. With over 15… Read More

Tina Reynolds

Vice President of Operations, Tina brings 30 years of technical prowess and estimable project delivery to the leadership of Ascendle’s software development teams. Always leading by example, with an emphasis on quality and relevancy, Tina empowers our teams to find the biggest pain points for our clients, and drive the greatest business value when creating… Read More

Kate Hillman

Ascendle’s Vice President of Administration, Kate brings 25 years of experience in services, high tech, and marketing industries. She is a team-oriented leader focusing on driving company growth and performance through strategic initiatives and employee engagement. Kate’s passion for developing and managing the human resource function is evident in her drive to continuously improve the… Read More