Angelo Firenze

Vice President of Client Solutions and Partner

An Ascendle Partner and Vice President of Client Solutions, Angelo Firenze has been engaged in process improvement and project management for more than 25 years. He leverages his entrepreneurial experience and business acumen to assist Ascendle customers with their software development goals. He is passionate about helping companies meet their desired business outcomes with advanced and innovative technology.

Since studying industrial engineering in the early 1990’s, Angelo has been a student of the principles which underlie agile software development. Initially encompassed in Lean Manufacturing, it was these concepts which evolved into what we now know as agile and Scrum.

Before joining Ascendle, Angelo was putting lean principles to work in a more traditional manufacturing setting. Angelo founded a food manufacturing business in 2001, and it grew to become the largest regional producer of European style frozen confections in New England. The company assets were acquired in 2012 by Bindi a European multi-national food manufacturer.


  • Lehigh University, Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering