Our Process

We deliver what we promise, when we promise. Guaranteed.

Our process starts with listening closely to what you want and need. We ask questions, formulate solutions, tell you what we’re going to do, and then do it. We have a proven track record of helping our clients react quickly to opportunities and keep pace with evolving markets.

“Ascendle is the first company I have seen that actually practices Agile Scrum as it was intended.” – Simone Biver-LeBlanc of The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center

The Ascendle Process:

1. Strategy
We hold face-to-face meetings to identify your software needs and requirements, brainstorm features, outline technical and execution strategies, and provide a build schedule and cost estimate.

2. Launch
Next, we form a customized team of expert software specialists uniquely capable of innovating solutions for your specific challenge. The team develops the technical foundation for the project, including the application framework and test automation infrastructure.

3. Build
The final phase is building out the application in a series of two-week iterations. A private demo environment enables you to conduct a hands-on evaluation of the product at the end of each iteration and provide feedback for revisions and further development. Each piece of functionality is coded and tested to deliver a final, usable product, ready for market. We deliver business value or the work is free of charge. Guaranteed.