Software Development

The software development team that provides maximum value with minimal risk.

There is never enough time for a software development project. Rapidly-changing business environments and market demands leave little time for innovation and no room for error.

Does your organization never seem to have enough time or the right resources to innovate effectively? Each scalable, experienced Ascendle Accelerated Delivery TeamSM of agile experts provides the instant innovation firepower you need to bring your product vision to market faster and more reliably.

When you leverage an Ascendle Accelerated Delivery Team you’ll get:

  • Face-to-face communication with your team on a consistent basis
  • Access to source code, which you own
  • Fully-tested code with comprehensive coverage by automated unit tests and continuous integration
  • Reliable delivery on a predictable schedule
  • Utilization of the latest cloud and app development technologies

During the software development phase, the application is built in a series of two-week iterations. A private demo environment enables you to conduct a hands-on evaluation of the product at the end of each iteration and provide feedback for revisions and further development. Each piece of functionality is coded and tested to deliver a final, usable product.

Just as our process begins with deep listening, we carry that skill into each and every two-week iteration, guaranteeing we continuously provide you business value.