Case Studies

Our clients move in fast-paced markets and answer to millions of customers. The innovative web and mobile apps we develop span across industries, audiences and feature sets. Here’s a sampling of our work:

Combining Innovation and Efficiency to Deliver the Value of Time

How Ascendle Made a Seemingly Improbable Project Timeline a Reality “In less than eight weeks, Ascendle built functioning, shippable, professional-level software, without cutting any corners.” An Idea for Innovation A business aviation and technolo...
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Increasing Efficiency and Cohesion in Hospitality Software Solutions

How Ascendle Helped Put a Client on the Forefront of Microservices — When a Lack of Cohesion Led to Missed Opportunities The hospitality division of a multibillion-dollar company offered several successful property management software solutions — fr...
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Making the Impossible Possible in Cyber Security

How Ascendle Solved a Customer Satisfaction Roadblock — When a Revolutionary New System Fell Short The Cyber Security division of a Fortune 100 company launched a new product and initially, customers were thrilled. The product addressed a common vulne...
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